East Side Restaurant
47 Landing St # 3
Newport, VT 05855
Tel: 802-334-2340

Hoagie’s Pizza & Pasta
58 Waterfront Plaza
Newport, VT 05855
Tel: 802-334-0200


The Beholder’s Eye
Irasburg, VT 05845
Tel: 802-673-6795

Etoile Photography
Brittany Woods
Tel: 802- 334-2879


Spates the florist and Garden Center
20 Elm Street
Newport, VT 05855
Tel: 802-334-8330

We are a small community that takes pride in supporting out local area. Below are a few reputable vendors that we strongly recommend for your special occasion. They are the finest our community has to offer and you will not be disappointed!

Hair & Makeup

Annabella’s Salon
Irasburg, VT 05845
Tel: 802-754-2477


Evansville Transit Authority
Rock, Blues, Alt-Country
Tel: 802-673-6303